1. How do i get birth certificate ?

A birth certificate is very easy, NO need to pay Extra nor u will have run here and there for it. Just You need to follow these simple steps
For without name- first of all, you will have to Get a Birth Certificate Registration Form from the registrar’s office (from your municipal authority).
or download it from e-districts/e-services portal, now fill the form along with hospital discharge letter(birth proof) of child without name,
address proof of parents, adhar card of child (if available), affidavit of INR 10 and submit it to your nearest SDM/MCD, Or upload all documents online.
Once you submitted the documents, you will get a receipt. This particular receipt will serve as proof of birth certificate till the time you receive the real Birth Certificate (without a name) after 10 to 14 days from office or get it to download from the online e-district portal.
For with Name-
the process will same as above in documentation just need to add on name affidavit/school certificate in the documents and again submit it to MCD/SDM and after 10-14 working days, u can receive it from office or get it to download online.

2. Is birth certificate mandatory in India?

In India, it is mandatory under the law (as per the Registration of Births & Deaths Act, 1969) to register every birth/stillbirth with the concerned State/UT Government within 21 days of its occurrence

3. Why is birth certificate important?

The birth certificate is very important for a child’s admission to schools or colleges, hospital benefits and in establishing inheritance and property claims. It is the first right of a child and establishes his or her identity. It becomes important for the following processes:
Establishing age for insurance reasons
Proving parentage
Age proof for employment
Age proof for marriage
Admission to schools/colleges
Establishing age for enrolling in Electoral Rolls
Registering in NPR (National Population Register)
Application for a passport
Immigration requirements (like getting a green card)

4. Who will issue birth certificate for your child and where?

In India, under the rule of Section 7 of the RBD Act, there is a Registrar deployed by the Government in each local Municipal Corporation called the Nagar Nigam.
If it is a smaller region or district, usually a local authority or the Panchayat would be given this responsibility
The rule of Section 7 (5) of the Act directs to appoint a Sub-registrar as well, who would enjoy the same rights and power as the Registrar.
This is who mainly can issue your child’s birth certificate.

5. Is it possible to reissue the birth proof in India?

Yes, it is possible. The process would be similar to withdrawing the original birth certificate in India.
Today, every state government runs its own website to issue this certificate online, like https://www.ndmc.gov.in/faq/birth_death_faqs.aspx.

6. what is the process for name inclusion on birth certificate ?

Name inclusion will be allowed only for who have born on 01-01-2018 or after.
Online name inclusion can only be done by parents.
Aadhar Card of Mother/Father needs to be attached to the online application.
Within one year of childbirth an undertaking on attached format at Annexure A having subject name inclusion of child (in BLOCK Letters) by the concerned child-parent.
Registration of older than 365 days cannot be searched and proceed for online inclusion. The need to be done manually. In such cases visit manually at NDMC Citizen Facilitation Center (CFC).
The document attached as evidence should be clear and readable.
Child name once entered shall not be changed in future.
A birth certificate is no longer mandatory to apply for a passport in India.
In an attempt to simplify the procedure of passport application,
he government has informed Parliament that other documents could be used as a proof of birth for obtaining a passport.

7. What is the time limit to register a birth?

If you haven’t thought of a name for your baby within the time limit of 42 days then you must still register the birth but the name will be left blank
You have up to one year from the date of registration to decide on a name and enter it on the register

8. What are the guidelines & procedure for birth registration ?

The applicant is entitled to Birth Registration Order if he/she is-
a. An individual who is a citizen of India or an NRI, born within the territorial jurisdiction of NCT of Delhi.
b. An individual shouldn’t have any Birth Certificate issued from any Government agency anywhere in India.
c. There should be a gap of minimum one year between the date of birth of the individual and the date of making
an application for issuance of birth registration order.
Documents to be attached with the Application Form
1. Identity Proof of Parents (in case parents applied on behalf of the minor) ( Any One is mandatory) –
a. Aadhaar Card  Passport  Ration Card with Photo
b. Voter ID Card  PAN Card  Driving License
c. Any Govt. recognized document
2. Identity Proof of Beneficiary(Any Oneis mandatory) – Same as the List in Col 1 above. For a minor, the letter from the
School Principal (on letterhead) or School ID Card would also be acceptable.
3. Present Address Proof of Beneficiary/Parents (in case of a minor)( Any Oneis mandatory) –
a. Aadhaar Card  Voter ID Card  Driving License
b. Passport  Ration Card  Rent Agreement (Registered )
c. Bank Passbook  Electricity Bill  Water Bill
d. Telephone Bill(Landline or Post-paid)  Gas Bill  Any Govt. recognized do
4. Permanent Address Proof of Beneficiary/Parents (in case of a minor) (Any Oneis mandatory) –Same as the List in Col 3
5. Date of Birth Proof of Beneficiary(Any Oneis mandatory)
a. Aadhaar Card (Verified DoB)  Passport
b. Nursing home/Hospital Report/Vaccination card  Driving License
c. SSC from the recognized board by GoI  CMO / Doctor Report
d. Certificate from School signed by Principal on School Letter Head 6. Place of BirthProof -Parents Address proof if the birth took place at home as per the above Col. No 3. If the birth took place at
the hospital, the Nursing Home/Hospital Report as a proof of place of birth.
7. Affidavit (It has to be notarized and should be on Rs. 10/- Non-judicial e-stamp paper as per the prescribed format
in Annexure I )
8. One Passport size Coloured Photograph of the Beneficiary (Size 5cm x 4.5cm Or 2”x1.75”)
a. Should include full face, front view and open eyes  should be of the full head from the top of hair to shoulder
b. should be in a plain white or off-white background  shouldn’t be shadows on the face or background
c. should have a natural expression (closed mouth)  should not include sunglasses or hats

9. What is the time limit to register a birth?

If you haven’t thought of a name for your baby within the time limit of 42 days then you must still register the birth but the name will be left blank.
You have up to one year from the date of registration to decide on a name and enter it on the register