Corporate Concierge Services is gaining immense popularity these days. These services focus on helping businesses. The list of benefits that a corporate reaps from offering concierge services to its employees are endless. A concierge service increases the productivity of the business, it helps to increase employer employee engagement by showing them that the organisation values them, etc.

TGH lists our key benefits of hiring a corporate employee concierge.

Advantages of Hiring a Corporate Employee Concierge

1. Increased Productivity

Concierge service can truly change the dynamics of any business. It is a proven fact that humans are not very good at multitasking. Removing few less important tasks from your employee’s plate may help boost the overall productivity of your business. They can focus on the more important tasks while your professional concierge can take care of all the mundane tasks.

2. Increased Employment Engagement

Studies have shown that 75% of the employees spend one-third of their day taking care of their personal responsibilities while at work. By hiring a corporate employee concierge, you can eliminate the time burden that personal tasks place on the company's resources. Employee concierge services like meal catering, car wash, childcare arrangements, travel assistance, utility bill payments, office supplies arrangements, etc. can enhance employment engagement and strike a better work-life balance for them.

3. Employee Loyalty

There is no greater feeling for an employee than that of getting appreciation from his company. Especially when such appreciation and recognition comes in the form of a precious gift of time both personally and professionally. Knowing that the company cares for them and makes every effort to make their life easier earns lifetime employee loyalty. Concierge services let you give them that appreciation and in return, you gain a more loyal employee.

At The Global Helpdesk, we provide low-cost, high-impact concierge services for your everyday business needs. We understand that your time is valuable and our dedicated services let you focus on your company and bottom-line, while we take care of the other responsibilities.

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