TGH Lifestyle Services Pvt. Ltd. has been offering facility management services to its clients for more than 20 years. We provide integrated facility services to more than 400 top MNCs and companies across India including Wipro, Dell, HCL, TCS, Hotel Radisson, KMPG, E&Y, PWC, etc.

We have over 1000 dedicated employees who professionally work towards providing integrated facility management services to clients. We at TGH have a strong managerial team of trained and focused facilities manager who are experienced professionals. We hold regular team meetings in our office or through video call with our employees as well as clients to bring further improvement in our facility management services. We provide special benefits at work to our extremely hard working employees which keep work with enjoyment scale pretty high. We try to create emotional connection with our employees as well as clients in different industry forums. We make use of every latest technology available in the service market to simplify our jobs. We also organize training session for our employees for every bit of improvement that can be brought in the work done by them.

We at TGH never want to stop. We are always trying our best to excel in all spheres and make our clients happy. Currently we have plans of opening international offices in Dubai, Sydney, and London; and of course we want to expand the tiny space we have taken up in the hearts of our clients!