Mailrooms play a very critical and important role in any companies day to day operations. Keeping the importance of mailroom in mind TGH has evolved Prom@il – Automated Mailroom Management proprietary software, which provides a very defined and transparent work process while optimizing the costs for the corporates.

The software allows multi functions and virtually a paperless mailroom operations. Institutions from banks to hotels to universities are enjoying the automated mailroom benefits. TGH Automated Mailroom Management Services Include

  • Centralized Mail Management
  • Pre-sorted Mail Distribution and Office Services
  • Digital Mailroom Solutions
  • Package Tracking
  • Inter-office and Courier Distribution Services
  • Mail Scanning
  • Mail Presorting
  • Real time data capture
  • Customizable and User Friendly
  • Increased efficiency in mailroom
  • Reduced cost of operations