Mailrooms are as important to a business as an ICU in a hospital. It is a fact that mailroom management plays a very crucial and important role in any organization depending upon the day to day operations. Keeping all the important factors related to mailroom management in mind, TGH provides mailroom management services to its clients. We have evolved Prom@il – Automated Mailroom Management proprietary software, which offers a very defined and transparent work process while optimizing the costs for the corporates. Automated Mailroom Management proprietary software enhances mailroom efficiency and productivity.

The software allows multi functions and virtually paperless mailroom operations which can be also be referred as digital mailroom services. Institutions from banks to hotels to universities are enjoying the automated mailroom benefits. TGH Automated Mailroom Management Services Include :

  • Centralized Mail Management
  • Pre-sorted Mail Distribution and Office Services
  • Digital Mailroom Solutions
  • Package Tracking
  • Inter-office and Courier Distribution Services
  • Mail Scanning Services
  • Mail Screening Facility
  • Mail Presorting Services
  • Real time data capture
  • Customizable and User Friendly
  • Increased efficiency in mailroom
  • Reduced cost of operations

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