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9 Reasons Why a Passport Can Be Denied In India

Each one of us aspires to travel outside our native country for a leisure trip or business travel or for pursuing higher education. As you might be aware, a passport is an essential requirement to travel outside the country Passport indicates the nationality or the citizenship of an individual and more importantly, it authorises the citizen to go outside the respective country.

For applying for a passport, you have to go through a standard application procedure. In today’s technology-driven world, this procedure has been made convenient and more organized for the residents of the nation. However, there are situations and reasons for passport rejection in TGH MyGenie India. There is some amount of preparation and documentation which one would need to arrange for applying for a passport. There are numerous reasons because of which passport is denied in India.

We, at The Global Helpdesk, encourage you to be thorough during your application process and do that in a methodical manner. Let us now have a look at some common reasons for passport denial in India.

Top Reasons for Passport Rejection

1. Discrepancies in Signature There are many forms which you need to fill and submit during the application process. Similarly, you are required to submit a lot of verification and background documents where you need to sign. Make sure that your signatures are identical in all these submitted documents. If your signatures do not match in all these documents, then there is a chance that your passport application can be denied.

2. Information is Not Correct You are required to fill in lots of information about your background in the passport application form. If the information which you have filled is not factually correct then the application can be rejected. Take good care to fill appropriate information in the forms and cross-check doubly to avoid errors.

3. Discrepancies in Documents Just like the information filled in the forms needs to be appropriate, it is required that the supporting documents which you have submitted are also appropriate. Take very good care and have a check-list to make sure that you have submitted all the required correct documents. There are numerous proofs required such as a permanent address, current address, education qualifications related documents, date of birth-related documents. This exhaustive list of required documents is also available on the website of the Ministry of External Affairs. Your application can be rejected if the documents do not match. For example, your ID copy such as PAN copy needs to match with information submitted, your date of birth proof needs to match and so on.

4. Legible Documents The documents which you have submitted need to be not just appropriate but also legible and clear. Walkthrough each of the supporting documents and verify that all the details mentioned in each of those documents are clearly visible and can be read in an unambiguous manner.

5. Pending Dues This is one of the main reasons for the rejection of a passport in India. The concerned authorities do comprehensive background verification of the applicants. If you have borrowed loan amounts from banks or other financial institutes, then make sure that you are doing the repayments within required timelines. It is important that during your passport application process, your track record of any debt related repayments are good. Else, your application might be denied. Also, make sure that you have paid your income tax-related dues or any other tax-related dues on time.

6. Police Checks For passport application process, once you have submitted your application and required documents, police verification is another important step. That is to verify your current address. Make sure that you have filled your permanent address and current residential address appropriately in the application. If you are living outside your permanent town (i.e. in another town), submit the required proofs for your current address as well. It may in fact so happen that you are staying temporarily in a place which is different even from your current residential address. If that is the case, please inform about this to your local police branch. Hence, it is better to inform them if any change is there. Do note that discrepancy or confusion in the current address is one of the top reasons why a passport can be denied to Indian national.

7. Fees There is a standard application fee for applying for the passport. Since it is a very essential requirement, you cannot overlook it. Not pay this fee amount can be one of the reasons because of which your passport application can be denied in India. See to it that you pay the application fees.

8. Criminal Background If you have criminal records in the past, your application shall be scrutinized and reviewed in detail. In such a situation, there is a very high chance of the passport application being denied. Similarly, if there is a case going on against you, then it is required that you be present in India since your presence is essential during the period of the case. Your application is likely to be denied in such a situation also.

9. Security Threat To Nation There is a most-wanted list of criminals maintained by the Government authorities. The applications from individuals who are on this list are very highly likely to be rejected.

Now that we have gone through the different reasons for denial of a passport application in India, do a good preparation of required documents and fill the application forms very carefully. Our expert team of advisors provides very detailed guidance and service on passport applications. We shall be very happy to advise you if you need help and support for passport applications. Log on to our website – to know more.


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