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NRI Management Services - Need of the hour?

A Non-Resident of India denotes a person who lives abroad but was born in India. Now, getting something done in India when you are thousands of thousands of miles away is not exactly easy. Things could include procuring that Birth Certificate for your Green Card processing to getting your Documents legalized for Immigration. From Tenant Management to Rent Agreements and property tax, from buying/selling the property to appointing lawyers and health check visits of your loved ones, from degree certificates to Marks transcripts and from tour and travel arrangements to sending customized Gifts.

While we, the team of TGH complete your work here in India, you can take a breather and relax. Indians today have a major presence in NRI USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and our sole motto is to manage their errands and chores including documentation back in India. Our technology platform enables us to provide 100% transparency both in charges and progress of work.

Birth Certificate is the most important certificate for any person as that’s the first certificate issued for a child after birth, which gives him the documentary evidence and related citizenship rights. If the birth is registered at the time of birth then the certificate will be issued as per details available with the municipal office. In many cases name would not have been mentioned at the time of birth. This makes it more complex, needing a thorough search in Municipal Records with parents name and applicants date of birth. Such complex cases are handled by team TGH on a daily basis. Certificates across India are issued in English as well as in vernacular languages.

At TGH, we recognise the significant role that you as Global Indians abroad play in nation-building and your part in shaping the global perception of the people of India. Such genuine contributions command the respect and honour of the whole nation. We know first-hand what an NRI is looking for in terms of service and quality. There are times when a particular task may be urgent/important and NRI’s look for assistance. We deem it our duty to give you “Peace of Mind” while you are in Foreign Land, by taking care of your entire task here in India.


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